In the seven years that I’ve been a mom, I have found some new interests, passions and ahem fixations. One of them being to find the best playgrounds in town.

I never used to worry about that before I had kids. Or, the finest pacifiers, best swimming lessons and  kid friendly (read: loudest) restaurants. Nope. I never used to wonder about those either.

But some of my interests have stayed exactly the same. Eerily, oddly, obsessively: The same.

Chocolate, books and mojitos all fall into the still-as-interested-in-today-as-I-was-before-I-became-a-mom bucket. But photography is my main obsession that falls into this category.

Not in an artsy-fartsy, Just look at my fabulous pictures sort of way, but more in an, I think we might need another hard drive, sort of way because I take thousands of pictures – per month!

I’ve always been picture happy, partly because the introvert in me needs something to do in social situations besides, you know, socialize.

But mostly it’s the total and complete sap in me that sees candy coated moments for what they are – quick, fleeting, precious flashes that move so fast that before I can catch my breath, take them in and recover from the tender ache in my heart – they’re gone.

As I look through past photos I see that unsteady toddles of my once young children have become confident steps. Gummy smiles have become awkward mouths filled to the brim with big kid teeth. Belly laughs have become polite chuckles.

Just like that- gone!

So, when I’m in a moment that’s rich and deep in wonderful sweetness, I just want to scoop it up and keep it in my pocket forever and ever. And, be able to take it out and feel all of that heart-warming goodness all over again.

What I want to do is capture those moments. So I do. I take hundreds of photos at a time and store them in my pocket, or on my computer, for later.

Just this morning I scrolled through my photos expecting the usual awww-inducing sweetness. But instead, I was struck by a new thought as I looked through the photos, Damn, I’d be mad if someone took a picture of me like that!

My, my, my how times have changed! What strikes me today as perfect photo fodder, would have once made me cringe before becoming a mom. In horror. And annoyance. And embarrassment. And that’s what I’m thinking about today.

Pre-Kids and Post Kids Thoughts on the Photos Moms Take

5. Bathroom Shots

Pre-Kids: Um, hello?! Privacy please!

Post-Kids: Hooray! We’re potty training! Did you hear me?! POTTY TRAINING!!

4. Messy Food

Pre-Kids: I’m so mad at you and never ever talking to you again about that poppy-seed stuck in my teeth or that dressing on my blouse or that drink spilled just so on my pants! Hurrumph!

Post-Kids: Oh! That’s soooo cute! She just LOVES yogurt, chocolate pudding, blueberries, raspberries, peanut butter, frosting, etc! (OMG, this list can go on forever!)

3. Saying Good Bye to Things of Sentimental Value

Pre-Kids: Don’t you come near me with that camera! I have tears, poofy eyes and a red nose. Step away from my red nose.

Post-Kids: Oh, the memory! The moment! The fun! He’s such a big boy now! No more pacifier, crib or blankie. Sigh, sob, sniffle.

2. Sleeping

Pre-Kids: Seriously? Gross. The drool, the open mouth, the compromising position, the mismatched jammies. People, please!

Post-Kids: The open mouth, the compromising position, the mismatched jammies are all so darn cute! But for the record: The drool? Still not cute.

And as for my #1 change in photo attitude? Pictures from behind? Bathing suit shots? Oh no, friends, it has got to be:

Nudey Pictures

Pre-Kids: Um, can we say risque? What kind of girl do you think I am?!

Post-Kids: I love that tush! Just love it!

So there you have it. My photo sessions have changed – a lot – since becoming a mom. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s what we moms do- shoulders back, chins up, tears wiped and cameras ready- because you just never know, there might be a bare tushy needing to be archived! Right now!

Until that tushy makes its entrance, it’s your turn. What are some of your favorite photo ops today, that before becoming a mom you wouldn’t have wanted to capture at all?

This is an original World Moms Blog post by Galit Breen. Galit can be found blogging at These Little Waves, tweeting at @galitbreen and right here at World Mom Blog at her previous posts The Things Moms Say and Mom FAIL Moments.

Photo credit attributed to Galit Breen.

Galit Breen (USA)

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