Travel Itinerary for Week of April 4th!

Meet us in Australia for the first time on Monday!  Our new writer, Inspiration to Dream, is an Aussie mum of 3 grown boys.  She also has over 52,000 words written already of her first book!  This week she talks candidly about writing for World Moms Blog for the first time and taking on new challenges and facing fears in life!

From Australia, board a flight on Tuesday to the capital of the USA, Washington, D.C., where we will hear from yet another new writer, DC Blogmama!  DC Blogmama is a lawyer and mom to a little girl.  She was raised in the Pakistani/Urdu culture and is a Shi’a Muslim.  We look forward to reading her first post!

Wednesday, we head north to Massachusetts to hear from Kyla P’an, our mom who has had quite a spectacular journey traveling the globe with her husband in the past.  Her life has changed after having two kids, and she admits, “I’m a stay-at-home-mom who has trouble staying at home.” in this week’s post!

Thursday, we board another international flight, this time to New Zealand, where we check in with Karyn Van Der Zwet! Karyn takes time out to reflect on the earthquake that hit New Zealand over one month ago and focuses on how disaster survivors re-emerge stronger.

And Friday, Eva Fannon in Seattle reports on this week’s Friday Question!  We encourage our readers to join the discussion by answering the question in the comments section.  Come join in on the fun!

Today, April 4th, kicks off a special week for one of our writers, Amy Hillis in Ohio, USA.  She and Kirsten Jessiman of Canada have organized a blood drive in memory of Amy’s late son, Captain Snuggles.  For more information about the blood drive and how you can join them, go to the Captain Snuggles Blood Drive page on Facebook.  And, help spread the word!

We look forward to having you travel with us this week!

— World Moms Blog

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