The Anticipation of Change is worse than change itself!

Today, I am on a plane headed to New York with my two baby boys. Ok, young men. 🙂 It’s a journey we have been dreaming about, as well as confessing and praying about for years, and it’s finally here.

This is a big change for us. It has been The Three Amigos for over 16 years, and now that changes. This is going to be different and exciting all at the same time.

My oldest is moving over 3000 miles from home to New York City Dance Academy, and my youngest is starting a new modeling career, and I have things in the works, too. But even with the excitement, it’s still CHANGE, and we know change can be a little scary.

What I think is funny, is that we dream, pray and ask for things, and then when they come, we get tricked by these feelings of fear. It’s only because we fear the unknown (and that is understandable), but we can’t let fear stop us from going after our dreams.

Seven years ago, almost to date, my boys and I took our FIRST trip that changed our lives forever: we picked up our whole lives and left Atlanta Ga. in search of a better life. I knew we deserved better than what we were living, and it was time to go. Regardless of the uncertainty, I had to make a change. I knew this change would be good for us, so I pushed through it.

Of course, Fear tried to creep up and instead of letting it win, I packed up my Suburban truck, attached a small U-Haul packed with everything that would fit and my two boys, and I hit the road. I had so many questions about what our life would be like, but I couldn’t let the unknown stop me.

Once we started driving, the fear went away. I started getting confident that this was one of the best moves I’ve made.

I decided that every time fear tried to stop me I was going to think of all the other things I had ALREADY accomplished, and this wasn’t any different. I’m a mom, I’m SuperWoMan, and I can do anything I set my mind to.

And as long as I stayed positive, the boys did the same. Once we got to Arizona and got settled, we realized the fear we had about the move was way worse than the move itself.

Now it’s 7 years later, and here we are taking our SECOND trip as the Three Amigos on our way to another life changing journey. You’d think the SAME uneasy feelings wouldn’t try to creep up, since I’d been HERE before, but they did!

How dare them, I shouldn’t be feeling uneasy about the unknown. I’ve done this before: I’ve 1) gone into the Army, 2) moved to Arizona as a single parent  and 3) started my own business, all while having MS & Fibromyalgia. So, THIS time I shouldn’t have any fears pop up Right? Well…

It did feel the same and the fear of change was back, but THIS time I remembered that the anticipation of change is worse than the change itself. So, I girded up my loins, decided to overcome the fear and took a leap of faith!

So, my fellow Moms, let’s remember our strengths. Let’s remember all that we have already overcome. We are bigger than any fear that tries to come our way. We are Super WoMen!

Is fear holding YOU back from doing something? Tell us about it!

This has been an original post to World Moms Blog by Dr. Jeanelle Marshawn Lanham, aka The SWAG Doc, of Arizona, USA. You can also find her on her blog, The SWAG Doc.

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Dr. Jeanelle Marshawn Lanham (USA)

Dr. Jeanelle Marshawn Lanham is an Indiana native now living in Arizona, USA. She’s the Founder of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Teen Center – Hodge Podge the Teen Cafè™ (, CEO of Iron WoMan Inc™ (, a writer, is known to teens all over the world as the S.W.A.G Doc™ (, a wife and most importantly a mom to two awesome boys. She joined the Army when she was a senior in high school because she did exceptionally well on the testing and was involved in the Gulf War. She served 8 years and is now a disabled Vet but that doesn’t get her down, nor stop her. Dr. Jeanelle Marshawn Lanham loves to write and help teenagers feel better about themselves. She knows ASL and signs with her deaf friends when she can. She’s always busy writing and building her Brand and found it great when she was given the opportunity to write for World’s Mom Blog. She has many goals on her bucket list and once her business has grown to her satisfaction, her goal is to own her own bull(s) (yes, real bulls!) and have them participate in the PBR (Professional Bull Riding). Traveling is a love of hers and one day she will visit Italy! You can find Dr. Jeanelle Marshawn Lanham on FaceBook at or Twitter @JeanelleLanham – Her heart is true to Rehabilitating Teens, Coaching Moms & Encouraging others.

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