BRAZIL: Thesis Nevermore

We have a couple of neighbors who spent some years overseas studying towards their PhDs. At the time, their now grown kids were children.

On the day the father finally gave in the final version of his thesis to the teachers who were going to evaluate it, the son approached him in his den and said:

“Dad, can I ask you for something?”

Of course, on that day his mood couldn’t be better, so he promptly answered:

“Today you can ask me for anything, son!”

He obviously thought his son would want an expensive toy or the like, but instead he said:

“I want that pile of papers over there.” (more…)

Ecoziva (Brazil)

Eco, from the greek oikos means home; Ziva has many meanings and roots, including Hebrew (brilliance, light), Slovenian (goddess of life) and Sanskrit (blessing). In Brazil, where EcoZiva has lived for most of her life, giving birth is often termed “giving the light”; thus, she thought, a mother is “home to light” during the nine months of pregnancy, and so the penname EcoZiva came to be for World Moms Blog. Born in the USA in a multi-ethnic extended family, EcoZiva is married and the mother of two boys (aged 12 and three) and a five-year-old girl and a three yearboy. She is trained as a biologist and presently an university researcher/professor, but also a volunteer at the local environmental movement.

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