Travel Itinerary for the Week of December 26th!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Holidays! No matter where you are or what you’re doing today, we at World Moms Blog wish you a day full of peace, joy and love.

We are starting off this week in New York, with Maman Aya! In the midst of the festive season, one thing at the forefront of our minds is yummy food! Maman Aya talks about cooking delicious, healthy snacks with her son.

On Tuesday, we are in Canada with Salma. At this time of year, when we are trying to promote peace and goodwill, love and tolerance, Salma is faced with the prospect of her son becoming the “token brown kid”. Read about how she handles it.

Fly with us to South Korea on Wednesday to hear from Ms. V., who gives us a sobering reminder that not every gets to hug and kiss their children. This mom is brave enough to ponder a thought that all of us find unbearable.

On Thursday, we are back in New York, and guess what? Allison Charleston is back! She took a break, and now returns to tell us about an effect of TV on children that has not really been given much attention: it makes them want to want their mothers to buy stuff! Welcome back, Allison!

And on Friday, we will be in New Jersey with World Moms Blog founder Jennifer Burden, who brings us our last regular post for 2011.

On Saturday, we close out the year with the Saturday Sidebar led by Eva Fannon. The World Moms give their thoughts on an important topic – chime in with your answers to the week’s question!

We are delighted to offer BIG congratulations to one of our writers, Margie Bryant from Arkansas, who had a Christmas Eve she will never forget. Her man got down on one knee in front of her whole family, and proposed! And yes, she accepted the proposal! Congratulations and wishes for a long and happy life together, Margie!

In the first week of January we will be taking a blogcation, so we now take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and prosperous (and safe) New Year.

— World Moms Blog

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