On Monday we will be in Arkansas with Margie Bryant, who talks about a subject that many of us parents feel conflicted about. Do you spank your children? How does your culture feel about that? Margie tells us her thoughts.

On Tuesday, we head to Minnesota to hear from Galit Breen. Galit is looking for poetry and artwork submissions from children for a wonderful project. Come read about what it is – you’re guaranteed to hope your kids will want to participate!

On Tuesday evening, we have a moving social good post from Lauren, who went to Hong Kong to adopt a child with autism, who would otherwise have been institutionalized.

On Wednesday, fasten your seatbelts for a flight to the Philippines! Tina tells us about how she felt ashamed of her roots when she was growing up, and how she is now trying to raise her children to be proud of who they are and where they come from.

On Thursday we will be in Washington, where Eva Fannon has been working too hard. She wants to slow down and enjoy the summer, and she has some specific things that she wants to do.

On Thursday evening we have a new writer interview, from Nihad in Egypt!

On Friday, we will head to Singapore for a post from Ruth Wong.

On Saturday, check out the Saturday Sidebar with Eva Fannon, where the World Moms give their thoughts on an important topic, and chime in with your answers to this week’s question!

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This World Moms Blog Travel Itinerary is written by Jennifer Burden, substituting for Kirsten Doyle @ Running For Autism 

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