Work life has been pretty tough over the past month.  It has been full of deadlines…and unfortunately work life has spilled over into home life.

After the girls have gone to bed, I’ve sat in bed working on a laptop and even putting in a few hours on the weekend.  The deadlines have mostly been met, so tonight I was enjoying getting dinner ready.  I was relaxed.  I had some music playing, a glass of wine beside me, and the girls were playing contently.   Ah….peace.

Suddenly, beside me appeared my youngest.  I looked down and said, “What’s up sweetie?”  She looked at me, started coughing, and then vomited all over my feet and the surrounding floor. 

She looked up at me and said, “Mommy, I’m all dirty.”  I picked her up in a big bear hug and took her to the bathroom to clean her up.  She had no fever and went on as if nothing had happened.  I went back to the kitchen to clean up the floor.

As I was standing looking at the mess and trying to figure out the best way to tackle it, I overheard my oldest telling her little sister in the living room, “When you feel like you have to throw up, you have to go to the bathroom and do it in the toilet or in a garbage can.  Just let me know and I’ll help you so mommy won’t have to clean up the mess on the floor, okay?”  Smile 🙂

After I was done cleaning up, I finished making dinner.  After dinner, I suggested that we go out for a stroll around the block to get some fresh air.  Everyone eagerly agreed.

We got ready but as we were walking down the stairs, my youngest started coughing.  I took that as my cue and swept her up in a mad dash for the bathroom.  Too late.  She started vomiting, showering me and our carpet along the way.  Lovely.

I got Babycakes cleaned up again and proceeded to clean up the second mess.  After I was done cleaning up, she came over to me, gave me a hug, and said, “Mommy, I love you.”  That made all that cleaning  up worth it!  She melted my heart.

It is 9:45 PM right now and it’s not fully dark out.  That is one thing I love about the summers here in Seattle – how long the days are.  My mind was wandering as I watched my sick baby girl fall asleep.  I thought about how quickly the evening went by and we never did get out for that walk.  Summer is here but I’ve been too busy to even think about enjoying it.

After the lack of quality time in the evenings with my husband and girls over the past couple of weeks, I am starting to wonder, “What do I want out of this summer?”  I have decided to put together a list.  Lists work for me — something feels so good about being able to check off completed tasks!  Plus, if I make my list public, I will definitely hold myself accountable for it!  So here I go…10 things I’d like to do this summer:

1.  Get my bike tuned up.  Last time I rode it was….hmmmm…the summer of 2005 – yikes!  I know I need the exercise!  While I’m at it, get an infant bike seat for my youngest.  Now that my big girl is off her training wheels, I’m imagining some rides over to Matthews Beach on the Burke Gilman Trail.

2.  Visit Volunteer Park.  They have an amazing dahlia garden which I haven’t visited since my oldest was about a year old.

3.  Speaking of flowers, go to the lavender festival in Sequim in July.  I’ve been wanting to go for a few years now, but have never gotten around to it.

4.  Help my big girl and her best friends set up a lemonade stand.  They went into great detail last weekend about what they wanted to do to set it up.

5.  Plan a camping trip (or two).  We upgraded from our two-man tent to a family tent in 2010 when our youngest was born and still haven’t used it!

6.  Get some hikes in.  One thing I love about Seattle is how close you are to nature.  The Washington Trails Association has a great hike planner.

7.  Read at least three adult, not children’s, books of my choosing…it’s been almost as long as since I’ve been on my bike.  No, I’m kidding, it hasn’t been that long since I’ve read a book but it certainly hasn’t been as frequent as I would like.  I signed my oldest up for the Summer Reading Program at the Seattle Public Library…I should try to lead by example, right?!

8.  Go blackberry picking and make a blackberry pie.  This has become a new summer tradition for us.  (I wrote about it last summer!)

9.  Visit the Olympic Sculpture Park.  It opened up a few years ago and I still have never been.

10.  Go to the top of the Space Needle.  We’ve been in Seattle almost 10 years, have walked around the Needle and taken lots of pictures of it, but never been to the top.  Oh yeah, and it coincides with the Needle’s 50th Birthday!

Alright – off to bed.  Need to rest so I can start tackling my new to-do list!

What about you?  Are there things you have been wanting to get out and do with your family?  What are they? 

This is an original post for World Moms Blog by Eva Fannon.  Eva can be found on Twitter @evafannon. 

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Eva Fannon (USA)

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