Travel Itinerary for the Week of August 6th!

Travel Itinerary for the Week of August 6th!

On Monday we celebrate this warm North American summer by talking about vacations! Angela Y. in California talks about a special kind of vacation shared with extended family spanning multiple generations.

On Tuesday, we continue to talk travel with Kristen Kolb, who recently relocated from Switzerland to the United States. She is used to picking up roots and moving, but it is an adjustment for her family. She gives us tips for helping kids cope with big changes.

On Wednesday, we will be in New York, where Maman Aya talks about sports, in true Olympic spirit. She ponders the question of whether she is ever likely to be the parent of an Olympic champion, how she would cope with that, and how do we find and nurture our children’s true talents?

On Thursday, we head to Canada to hear from Travel Lady with Baby, who lost her father as a young woman and wants to honour his memory and keep him alive for her child. In this poignant post, she tells us how she has been doing that.

On Friday, we go to Egypt, where Nihad is celebrating Ramadan. She explains what the meaning of Ramadan is and how it is observed.

On Saturday, check out the Saturday Sidebar with Eva Fannon, where the World Moms give their thoughts on an important topic, and chime in with your answers to this week’s question!

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