FRANCE:  Vacationing With Kids

FRANCE: Vacationing With Kids

Having a successful vacation with children requires setting your expectations beforehand.

Friends of ours (who now have grown children) recounted the first time they went on vacation with their newborn.  The wife ended up sitting on the beach all day with the baby while the husband went surfing and sailing. It was a disaster.

She said, “ If it’s going to be like this, I may as well stay at home where at least I’ll be more comfortable.” And no – he’s not a selfish guy. They just hadn’t counted on how much having a baby would change things, and they hadn’t communicated what their needs would be in order to relax.

I think the latter is more essential than packing a toothbrush. (more…)

Lady Jennie (France)

Jennie has lived in Taiwan, New York City and East Africa, and currently lives just outside of Paris with her French husband. She speaks rudimentary Mandarin, passable French and has had a varied career in Human Resources, Asian financial sales and humanitarian work. She is currently a mother to three young children, with writing and teaching gigs on the side, and blogs at A Lady in France.

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