Where in the world do you live? And, are you from there?

I live on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.  I am from Oxford, Pennsylvania (USA).

What language(s) do you speak?

I speak English and am currently learning Spanish as a second language.  In college I minored in Japanese but I can barely speak a lick of it anymore.

When did you first become a mother?

I had my first child in June of 2005.  I had my second child in September of 2008.

Are you a stay-at-home mom or do you work?

Interesting question… hard for me to answer.  You see, I do stay at home but I home-school my two children.  My 6-year-old just completed home-school Kindergarten, I am now teaching her 1st grade. My two-year-old sits in with us during our morning home-school schedule, so technically I also teach preschool.

Why do you blog/write?

I blog to share my life experience with others.  I am a right-brained individual.  I find that I am fascinated with the arts in general, whether it is writing, painting, singing, dancing, whatever.  Writing is a good outlet for my creative energy!

How would you say that you are different from other mothers?

I would say that the fact that I am a home-schooling teacher makes me different from most mothers.  I suppose I have more in common with mothers from over 100 years ago, like 1st lady, Abigail Adams, who taught their children at home.

What do you view as the challenges of raising a child in today’s world?

I have many concerns about raising my children in our current society.  Education is a paramount issue for our family and that is why we choose to home-school our children.   The fact that most people are not self sufficient with growing their own food is a major concern.  I believe we’ve become so complacent and I think that is so dangerous.  Also, in America, reality show celebrities, like the cast from MTV’s Jersey Shore, make me extremely disgusted that these people are role models for our youth.  If people like that and other ignorant people like Paris Hilton are being put on a platform of what teenagers should strive for, than I feel society in general is way off track to the path of enlightenment.

How did you find World Moms Blog?

My good friend Jen Burden asked me to contribute to the website!

What do you like best about writing for World Moms Blog?

I love reading about other mother’s thoughts and experiences. It makes me feel connected in a way I know would not be possible without the internet.

This is an original post to World Moms Blog by Courtney Cappallo of Massachusetts, USA. Courtney can be found homeschooling on her blog, Table of Four.

Courtney Cappallo (USA)

Courtney Cappallo is a mom of two girls, ages 7 and 4-years-old. She is living her dream life by residing on Cape Cod and being able to stay at home with her two little beauties. Courtney is currently homeschooling both of her daughters for 2nd grade and preschool, respectively.

Courtney uses a mix of Classical Education and Montessori. She is a strong believer in teaching to the five senses. Courtney’s homeschooling efforts are unique, as she uses the latest technology of the Smartboard. She is also taking on the task of learning Spanish as a second language, as well as, teaching her two children and husband Spanish.

Prior to becoming a homeschooling teacher, Courtney was the Director of Marketing for Simon Property Group, which is the largest U.S. real estate company. Courtney was Simon’s Director of Marketing for the Burlington Mall, Arsenal Mall and Cape Cod Mall. Courtney is a graduate of Villanova University and is proud of her small town roots from growing up in Oxford, Pennsylvania, which only has two traffic lights! She can be found making homeschooling lessons and more at Table of Four !

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