This week’s Friday Question comes from World Moms Blog writer The Alchemist ofIndia.  She asked our writers,

“Which trait would you like your child(ren) to learn from you and/or your husband or partner?”

Check out what some of our World Moms had to say…

Jenna Farelyn of North Carolina, USA writes:
“I actually pray every night for my children to learn to be compassionate and non judgmental.  I am very accepting and open-minded, while their father is not so much.  Rigid, conservative, “tolerant”.

I hope they learn his skills with budgeting both money and time, because they don’t get that from me.”

ThirdEyeMom of Minnesota, USA writes:
“I am a huge traveler and my husband enjoys to travel as well.  I come from a family who loves to travel and grew up traveling.  I hope to instill the same passion on my children: The passion to see and explore the world and understand cultures, differences and similarities.  I also want them to give back to others and be kind and generous.  There are so many negative people out there in the world who only care about themselves.  It is time to give back, make an effort and an impact in life.  That is what I hope for!”

Tatterscoops of Indonesia writes:
“My ex-husband and I share one thing in common – albeit the failed marriage – the curiosity to try new things in life.  Be it to eat weird stuff inChina or just meeting different people from different walks of life.  I wish my son would inherit that.  I’m with Thirdeyemom, I love traveling and would hope my son to embrace that as well, to appreciate the world in all its uniqueness.”

TwinMom112 of Pennsylvania, USA writes:
“My husband is amazingly creative — photography, sketching, etc. (Although he has less confidence in his abilities than I do, I think it is an awesome quality!)

I believe I am a loyal friend. I will give someone 110% of myself and help them at all costs.  Not perfect, but I always have genuine intentions. I still have some amazing friends from grade school on up.  I hope that my children can experience true friendship and are able to see the value in always having the support of friends in their life.”

Kyla P’an of Massachusetts, USA writes:
“My husband and I are both competitive by nature and it’s certainly transferring to our children but can convert into a negative attribute.  I pray that they grow up with competitive spirits, the hunger to achieve, but the compassion to do so with poise and fairness.  I also hope that they inherit my husband’s Asian work ethic and family loyalty tinged with the ability not to take themselves or life too seriously, from my side of the gene pool.”

Dr. Lanham of Arizona, USA writes:
“Such a great question. As a parent I want my boys to be better than me; I want them to learn from my mistakes.  However, when I think of what I’d like them to learn from my hubby and I, I’d have to say confidence.  I want them realize their worth and never let anyone take it away!”

Courtney Cappallo of Massachusetts, USA writes:
“My husband has such a strong work ethic.  When he sets his mind to something, there is no stopping him.  I hope that quality is innate with our girls!

I love the arts… music, paintings, poetry.  I’ve been exposing my girls to the arts since they were born.  I hope that they develop an appreciation for the arts, and if I may, a love of the arts!”

Karyn Van Der Zwet of New Zealand writes:
“I’d like our kids to learn their father’s diplomacy and acceptance of others, from me I’d love them to learn to be interested in what makes other people tick.”

Salma of Ontario, Canada writes:
“Forgiveness, from my husband.”

What about you…which trait would you like your child(ren) to learn from you and/or your husband or partner?  

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