This Saturday Sidebar question comes to us from Tara B.  In the midst of all the holiday planning, she asked our writers…

“What is one thing you will commit to do for yourself in the upcoming week?”

Here is what some of our World Moms will be doing for themselves:

Diana @Hormonal Imbalances of Texas, USA writes:
“I’m going to make an effort to exercise daily only for the boost it gives me in dealing with my anxiety. No pushing to lose weight, no guilt trips. Strictly for the energy and feel good hormones!”

Tatterscoops of Indonesia writes:
“With how crazy my life has been lately, I will make time to go pamper myself. Massage and hair spa. Luckily those treatments come cheap here in Indonesia, but I rarely have time to go.

PS: Diana, big kudos to you. You go girl!”

EcoZiva of Brazil writes:
“I want to try to rest a bit after finally finishing my doctoral course, perhaps try to pamper myself a bit too!!”

RoxIsBrilliant of Nevada, USA writes:
“I’m going to commit myself to getting the financial aid paperwork completed so I can (finally!) register for school in January.”

Asta Burrows of Norway writes:
“For myself? Well – I was planning to find a new outfit for the wee lad to wear for Christmas and to get all the Christmas cards finished. Does that count as ‘for myself’?”

Shaula Bellour of East Timor writes:
“In the midst of packing craziness, I am going to treat myself to a much-needed massage for my birthday.”

ThirdEyeMom of Minnesota, USA writes:
“I just had my big birthday …40! So I spent the day getting a massage, writing, running and not having to do the dishes or put the kids to bed! It was wonderful!”

Kyla P’an of Massachusetts, USA writes:
“After doing most of the holiday card organizing, Christmas gift shopping, and holiday gathering coordinating, this week I think I’ll focus on a little holiday pampering prep that will include: getting a nice haircut (spending more than my usual $15 dollars on one), a manicure and maybe even something nice (but inexpensive) to wear for the parties.

Asta, no, that doesn’t count, that all falls into the “for others” category. Go buy some Jimmy Choos!”

Tara B. of Washington State, USA writes:
“I am going to take a long, hot bath! We moved last fall, and one of the things I loved about our new house was the giant bathtub in the master bathroom. But I could probably count the number of time I have used it on one hand. I always feel rushed and jump into the shower. This weekend, I am cleaning that tub and sitting in it with a book for a good long time.”

Eva Fannon of Washington State, USA writes:
“Thanks for your question Tara.  It motivated me to set up my much needed haircut and facial appointments.  I am pampering myself on Monday – I can’t wait J”

What about you…what one thing will you do for yourself in the coming week?  

And do you have a question you would like to pose to our WMB writers?  If so, email us at to see what they have to say.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to peek at the writer’s schedule for next week!

– World Moms Blog

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