As parents, it’s so easy for us to become so busy, so consumed with daily life and schedules that we simply overlook the fact that motherhood alone doesn’t define who we are.

I love being a mom – and for the first year of my daughter Bella’s life I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Nor, did I want to. However much I loved teaching, it was nothing compared to being a mother.

But as she has become more independent and I found a routine in our days and weeks, I’ve realized that the longing to do something for me, to fulfill my creative side, never went away. For a while, it was pushed to the back burner with the exhaustion and my brain ceasing to function properly around 10am, but it was still there. A desire to create, to do something with my time and talents.

Not that motherhood doesn’t require all of that – because I know in all of our lives, being a mom comes first. But it’s a temporary job for me, and at some point I will have completed it and be left with just myself again. I want to have something that fulfills me outside of a wife and mother. Something that stirs that little piece of my soul with joy and pride.

For me, this is writing. I find myself immersed in telling a story, sharing a part of my life with others. There are things I love to do simply for the joy of it: knitting, cooking, yoga and photography. But writing is my passion.

It isn’t easy for us to find the time to do things we love. Especially if they don’t pay. For a long time, I struggled with blogging because it was an activity that took much of my “me” time but didn’t produce anything in the end. Being used to having a paycheck for something that I did, I considered throwing in the towel time and time again.

I learned that finding your passion is about you. It’s about what you love, how it makes you feel, the sense of balance it brings to your life. In a society that often encourages money over simple joys, the thought of doing something only because you love it may seem wasteful.

This coming year, I plan on reminding myself that what I do with my life is up to me. How I choose to pursue my passion is my choice. In the end, if it brings me only happiness, a sense of purpose outside of the wonders of being a mother and wife and fulfills a part of my soul that nothing else can – then it’s worth doing.

This is an original post to World Moms Blog from Diana in El Paso, TX. She can also be found on her blog, Hormonal Imbalances.

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