This week Eva Fannon, the Saturday Sidebar Editor, asked our writers,

“What is one thing you would like to ask your mom (or wish you had asked her if she has passed on)?”

Check out what some of our World Moms had to say…

Dr. Lanham of Arizona, USA writes:
“I’d ask my mother to share my granny’s recipes.”

Kyla P’an of Massachusetts, USA writes:
“I’d have a real heart-to-heart with her about the struggles she had in her marriage and when she felt it reached a point-of-no-return, which ultimately led to their divorce.”

Dee Harlow of Mexico writes:
“Wow, this question taps into a lot of mixed emotions for me. The questions I have always wanted to ask would pain my mother to answer, about her parents, her childhood and subsequent falling out with her family. While I would like to protect her from her painful memories and have resigned myself to not knowing, I now wish for my children to learn about their ancestors and where they came from.”

RoxIsBrilliant of Nevada, USA writes:
“My mom and I have been pretty open with each other over the years. Instead of asking her a question, I’d rather just remind her that I think she’s an amazing, intelligent and beautiful woman. And I truly believe that she will realize her dreams. She’s always been my biggest supporter, and now I am hers.”

Tara B. of Washington State, USA writes:
“I’d like to ask my mom what she has enjoyed most about being a mom….and now I’ll pick up the phone and do it!”

Courtney Cappallo of Massachusetts, USA writes:
“I’d love for her to share her baking recipes and to be able to record her talking about her childhood.”

What about you… is there one thing you would like to ask your mom (or wish you had asked her if she has passed on)?  

And do you have a question you would like to pose to our WMB writers?  If so, email us at to see what they have to say.

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