TEXAS, USA: Having Twins: the Body Aftermath

I recently found out I’m pregnant…with twins. What was going to be our second child turned into #2 and #3. This is exciting, overwhelming, and terrifying, and yet part of it is me just being a tad self-centered.

How will I look after?

I’ve struggled with my body image as long as I can remember.

But honest to goodness, I remember looking in the mirror at 7 months with my daughter Bella, huge as I was, and feeling so confident about it all. The stretch marks (I got like 4 but don’t hate me – the hyperemesis I had made up for lack of them), the huge belly, the cave of a belly button (mine never popped. It just kinda stretched into a large hole…).

And this time around, it’s the same, but more. I’m having twins. So at 10 weeks I already have a noticeable (more…)


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