This week’s question comes from World Moms Blog writer, Tara B.  She asked WMB writers to toot their own horns!

“What is one of your best attributes and how do you share it with your family?”

Read on to see what some of our world moms had to say…

Mamma Simona of South Africa writes:
“”Tooting my own horn” is something that I find extremely difficult to do! That said, I think that my best attribute is that I find it easy to empathize with others (i.e. looking at things from their point of view). The flip side of that is that for too many years I neglected to look at MY side of the equation! I was so busy looking out for everybody else that I neglected myself. I have now finally learned to “put on my own oxygen mask” before attempting to rescue others. I have always asked my children how they would feel if they had to swap places with the child they were having a problem with. They are now very caring teens who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in, yet remain respectful to others who have different beliefs from them. I feel that I have shared my values simply by living by them. Children learn from how you act and not really from what you say! :)”

Tatterscoops of Indonesia writes:
“Great question…I too am not much of a fan of tooting my own horn, but I have to say growing up a miner’s daughter, my strongest suit is quickly adapting to new environment thanks to our moving around. I wish my son would inherit this part of me. To be open to new surroundings and environment regardless of cultures/background.”

Tara B. of Washington State, USA writes:
“I also have a good sense of empathy. I think this helps me in working through situations with my sons, particularly my older son who is intense and emotional. I get how he is wired up and can see most situations as he sees them, which helps me support him where he is at in the moment, while also pushing him the appropriate amount out of his comfort zone. I don’t always get it right, but so far, we have a good thing going.

PS – I also have a hard time tooting my own horn…I think most do. But this is such a rock star cast of moms, I KNOW you each have something amazing you bring to your families each day. :)”

Maman Aya of New York, USA writes:
“What a great question! I think my best attribute is my patience. Having some very stubborn children (especially my son, who always wants everything to go according to his “plan”), and husband – that is a VERY important attribute to bring to the table (although my husband says that it is to a fault sometimes). :)”

Mannahattamamma of United Arab Emirates writes:
“Hmm..patience, empathy, flexibility…what a great list! I wish those qualities were somehow innate, but I have to WORK to find those things, especially when dealing with grumpy children/partner. What I have, though, is the ability to find humor in just about everything–and most importantly (I think) to laugh at myself. If I can’t laugh at my own mistakes and absurdities, then how can I expect my kids to have a sense of perspective about their own missteps?”

MamaMzunga of Kenya writes:
“I used to think this was among my worst qualities, but I’ve grown to see this now as one of my best assets– I’m highly sensitive (a trait I seem to have passed on to my son).  I can be easily wounded and care too much about what others think, but I’m also very in tune to how other people are feeling and am good at figuring out what they need. I’ve seen this sensitivity as a beautiful thing especially as it’s reflected in my son, who wells up with tears when he thinks I’m hurt and uses humor to diffuse tense family situations. I think this is one of his most wonderful attributes, so I might as well acknowledge it myself!”

Karyn Van Der Zwet of New Zealand writes:
“Sounds pretty boring – but probably my ability to break things down into small and manageable steps is a key strength of mine. I’m a practical bunny at heart and it’s the only way I can get five of us out the door by 7.30am each morning!”

Now it’s your turn to toot your own horn…how do you share your best attribute with your family?  

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