On Monday we will be in South Korea, where Ms. V talks about what it’s like to be a single mother there. It’s an interesting insight into the cultural impacts not only to the mother, but to the child and the mother’s entire family.

On Tuesday, we continue the discussion about single parenthood in Nevada, where Roxanne’s son seems to be very accepting of her boyfriend. A little bit too accepting, perhaps? Roxanne contemplates what it would mean if her current relationship were to become “the one”.

Later that day, we head to Canada where Travel Lady with Baby, who formerly worked for the Canadian Foreign Service on an UN file, gives us insight into the United Nations and human rights in our World Voice column.  World Voice is a new column, which combines our posts on social good and human rights!

On Wednesday, we are off to New Zealand, where you are bound to be near water, no matter where you are. Karyn van der Zwet regards swimming as an essential life skill, one that she wants her children to have as second nature.

On Thursday, we have a guest post! Holly Pavlika of MOMentum in New York describes her daughter’s experiences with being bullied, and how she, as a parent, has handled it. She also offers some great safety tips that we can use for the benefit of our own kids.

On Friday, we head to Massachusetts, where Kyla P’an talks about a question of identity. What is it like for this generation of moms to find out who they are, or who they’ve become, after raising children?

On Saturday, check out the Saturday Sidebar with Eva Fannon, where the World Moms give their thoughts on an important topic, and chime in with your answers to this week’s question!

Starting today we have a new giveaway!!  Comment on our site this week from August 12-August 19th to receive a beautiful pair of baby booties from Canada!  They are just perfect for a mother planning to deliver this fall or winter!  Booties were donated by our Canadian contributor, Travel Lady with Baby!

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