On Monday we will be in lovely Cape Town, South Africa, with Mamma Simona. Simona has the kind of positive relationship with her children that makes her the envy of other parents of teens. She tells us what her secret is.

On Tuesday we head to Washington to hear from Tara B., who discusses the role of gender-based marketing in our children’s lives. Would you buy your boy something that would typically be used by a girl, and vice versa? Tara tells us her views and how she handles it with her own child.

Next up also on Tuesday is a post from Elizabeth Atalay about a women from Rhode Island who began her own non-profit and is helping to provide food to people who need it most in Africa.  An inspiring story!

On Wednesday, we’re off to Egypt, where Nihad talks about a dilemma she faced in the raising of her children. How would she balance discipline with love? Was she going to be critical of every mistake her children made, or was she going to focus on encouraging them to value themselves?

On Thursday, we’re back in the United States with Illinois mom Jill Barth. This mom talks about the dilemma faced by many moms who work outside of the home, and whether we are sending our kids the rights messages about the way the world is supposed to be.

We end this multinational week in France, with a post from Lady Jennie, and her topic is vacationing with children.

On Saturday, check out the Saturday Sidebar with Purnima, where the World Moms give their thoughts on an important topic, and chime in with your answers to this week’s question!

Our giveaway this week is a gorgeous scarf from Indonesia, donated by our contributor, Maureen from Tatterscoops! To be entered to win, comment on the blog from Sunday, August 26th through Saturday, September 1st EST! (Check our sidebar this week for a photo!)

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