for-MAUREEN-May-30We are all busy moms. Some of us work full time, some of us stay at home, and some of us work from home. Bottom line, we are all busy busy busy.

Sometimes we wish we have more than 24 hours in a day to get things done, right?

But you know what, if we do have let’s say 28 hours a day, chances are we’ll be working even longer, be even busier.

Since I’m taking healthy living more seriously and now that it has become my lifestyle of choice, I’d like to share with you these tips:

    • Ditch the guilt! Why are we as moms are so hardwired to feel guilty when we do take some times alone for ourselves? We need to STOP this. Nothing is wrong about taking an hour out of your hectic schedule to workout, make it your ME time. When Mom is happy, everyone is happy right? Exercise produces endorphins, and endorphins equals happy Moms.


    • Find a workout you enjoy. That way, you will actually have fun instead of doing it halfheartedly – and be surprised that you’re not getting the results you want – make it a fun one hour. Do you like walking? Then try some power-walking for an hour. If you can’t afford a gym membership there are plenty of workout DVDs and Youtube channels out there. The key is finding your soulmate workout. Don’t make it a chore, you know we already have so much of them already.


    • Involve the family. Can’t get a babysitter? Load up your children and bring them to a playground or strap them on a jogger stroller and go for a run! Or grab your husband and do some DVD workouts together after the kids are sleeping. It is so much fun if you can have a workout partner. You can be creative here.


      • Eat Healthy As A Family! Involve your whole family in this new lifestyle. Skip the deep fried food that our kids love so much. Instead of the usual French fries, how about sweet potato fries? Your kids will love those, mine did! Get the kids to help you prepare healthy food in the kitchen. Once it becomes part of your family, your children will be more likely to choose healthier food over junk food. And prepare your meals for an entire week. Not only this will help you save time, you will be less likely to eat out when you know you have healthier options stocked in the fridge.


    • Positive Self Talk I know, I know it’s so easy to look at ourselves in the mirror and see the flaws, the grey hair, and the wrinkles, don’t even get me started on those dark circles under our eyes! Yeah, I used to do that, too, and still do sometimes, but now I talk to myself in a more positive way. Learn to talk to yourself in a positive manner. Instead of pointing out what you’d like to change such as “I hate my tummy!”, why don’t you say, “But I have killer legs!” It’s far more important to love ourselves than to have a six pack!


Do you have any other healthy tips to share with your fellow World Moms?

This is an original post for World Moms Blog by our single-mother of one, Maureen of the blog, Scoops of Joy, of Indonesia. Photo credit to


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