Starting this week, we have five regular posts a week – even more great reading from our phenomenal moms!

On Monday we are in Illinois with Jill Barth. Jill writes a thought-provoking piece about natural elements – like water – that humans tend to take for granted until they do not have it.

On Tuesday, we fly on over to Indonesia to hear from new writer Tatterscoops. This mom, who has lived in very diverse cultures, has had the opportunity to see her role as a mother from a number of different angles. Come read as she shares her experiences.

On Wednesday, we are back in the United States, with Frelle from North Carolina. Frelle is a busy mom of four kids. She is an advocate of attachment parenting, and has been brave enough to homeschool her kids. She also says that she leads by example where it comes to body piercings and tattoos.

On Thursday we are abroad again, as we join Alison Lee in Malaysia. Alison has always had writing in her, and had childhood aspirations to be a journalist. Life took her in different directions, and she has held a number of PR roles, including one at Nickelodeon (fun!) Now she has her gorgeous son, and she is rediscovering the inner writer in her.

And for our first regular Friday post, we hear from Carri Brown in California. You know how most little girls ask their parents for a pony? Carri asked and asked and asked, until her father bought her one in desperation. She has been somewhat vocal all her life, and it now appears that her two-year-old is following in her footsteps!

On Saturday, check out the Saturday Sidebar and chime in with your answers to the week’s question.

In writer interviews this week, on Tuesday we will hear from Dee Harlow, who the last time we heard from her, was in the process of packing for a move from Mexico.

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